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Wind power generated more than a third of electricity in Britain last week

British wind generated more than a third of the country’s electricity last week, more than any other energy source, including natural gas, and highlighting the growing importance of wind energy to ensure the country’s energy independence.


RenewableUK , the country’s renewable energy trading body representing wind and hydroelectric technologies, said that independent analysts at Aurora Energy Research showed that 35.6% of Britain’s electricity (unlike the UK, since these figures do not include Ireland) was provided by wind power. Of this total, 21.4% came only from offshore wind energy.

According to Aurora, the next largest contributor in the week between Friday March 8 and Thursday 14 was natural gas with 31.2% of total electricity generation, followed by nuclear energy with 21.3%, biomass with 6.7%, coal with only 2.6%, 1.8% of hydroelectricity and 0.8% remaining, from other sources.

Western Europe has been experiencing a strong windy climate in recent times, as evidenced by recent figures for Germany’s power generation, which have generated increasing levels of their electricity needs from renewable energy sources (64.9%, 67.6%, 72.4% in the last three weeks) .

“We had a very violent week, and that’s good news because wind has outperformed all other sources of energy,” said RenewableUK executive vice president Emma Pinchbeck . “It is further proof that the wind is playing a central role in keeping Britain at a cold time of the year.”

“It is also interesting to see that offshore wind energy surpassed nuclear power this week, which demonstrates how our energy mix is ​​changing, and low-cost wind energy becomes the backbone of our clean energy system.

“This comes just after last week’s announcement of the offshore wind sector agreement, which will see our industry grow to support 27,000 highly skilled jobs by 2030, and the UK offshore wind supply chain will generate billions every year. in exports, in addition to providing more “goods and services for marine wind projects in the waters of the United Kingdom”.

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