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Wind Energy Association prepares a hot autumn

The large national wind industry employers’ association, the AEE, announces an Autumn Agenda full of conferences (“in which we will deal with current issues such as the operation of wind farms or the prevention of occupational risks”) and first-rate events, such as the long-awaited latest edition of its traditional Macroeconomic Study of the Impact of the Wind Energy Sector in Spain.



The Wind Energy Association announces a beginning of course the sea of movido. To begin with, the AEE will present, in a little more than fifteen days, the Sectorial Agenda of the Wind Industry, which the large Spanish employers’ association of the sector has prepared together with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, and as part of the framework initiative of the Spain Industrial 2030 for the promotion of the industry. “The wind energy sector -the AEE explains- is identified as strategic for the country and this Agenda shows the industrial, energetic and environmental challenges to face the future development”. Thus, the Sectorial Agenda is called to be constituted -the Association points out- in the “framework of work to advance, with the collaboration of the Administration, in the improvement of the competitiveness and the strengthening of the sector and with it to play a fundamental role for the creation of added value and quality employment in a stable path of growth of the renewable energies in our country”. The official presentation of this document will take place on 17 September at the ministerial headquarters in Madrid and will be closed by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto.

International Day on the Operation of Wind Farms

Twenty experts in areas such as hybridization, big data, equipment improvement, repowering, life cycle management and new materials will participate in the International Conference on Operational Analysis of Wind Farms, which the ESA has scheduled for 10 October in Madrid. The Association will count on the support of the ReolTec Technological Platform. The ultimate objective of the event is “to present and evaluate different solutions aimed at increasing production and extending the useful life of the installations, with a complementary approach to repowering that could be reversed with the incorporation of stimulus mechanisms foreseen in the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan”.

Day Safety and PRL in the wind sector

It will take place on 21 November at 3M’s headquarters in Madrid and has been designed to analyse “new developments and experiences in the development of an active occupational risk prevention strategy in the wind sector, taking into consideration the following challenges: the progressive ageing of wind farms, the upturn in wind farm construction activity which is expected to continue over the next decade, with the growth in the size of the new wind turbines”. The event, according to the AEE, will also serve to present the new edition of the Report on Accident Rates in the Wind Energy Sector.

Presentation of the Macroeconomic Study of the Impact of the Wind Energy Sector in Spain

The presentation of the great annual wind report will take place on 28 November at the headquarters of the Spanish Energy Club (EnerClub). The Macroeconomic Study of the Impact of the Wind Energy Sector reviews all the key numbers of the sector: related to GDP, exports, employment figures, CO2, R&D, etc., etc. The report is being prepared by the consultancy firm Deloitte for AEE and aims to quantify “the benefits that the wind industry has brought to the Spanish economy and society since 2005, with a major impact on the impact in 2018”.

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