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What would our life be like without energy?

Imagine how difficult it would be to get up and not have the energy to turn on the light. Imagine how difficult it would be to start the day without coffee because the coffeemaker has no energy to work.  Imagine how difficult it would be to see the final of the Champions league, because there is no energy to turn on the television.

If we analyze these and other daily situations for which we need energy, we could come to understand the importance of this vital element for the development of all our daily activities.

We human beings need energy for everything. In fact, our body is the most in demand, our cells need energy to live.

When we get up, move, walk, think and in all our daily activities, our body needs this element in order to function.

And far beyond that energy that moves our lives, through time many of the elements that have been invented or created to facilitate the daily tasks of the human being, need this energy to function.

Construction, hospitals, schools, transportation, industries, telecommunications, among others, use this resource to carry out their work.

Today the world’s demand for energy has been increasing, pollution, greenhouse gases and an endless number of concerns about caring for the environment, have led government authorities or organizations such as the European Union, are today betting on the generation of clean and renewable energy, which can help mitigate the devastating effects of climate change.

It is for this reason that from the SeaTitan platform, we bet on the generation of clean energy, more precisely the wave energy of the sea, one of the sources of renewable energy with many more advantages than others that are currently used.

As we mentioned before, energy is present in all the elements that surround us: water, sun, wind and, in our case, the sea, which has enough power in its waves to make an oven work with the highest demands.

Today in the day of the energy, we understand that our task is to continue developing the best technology to be able to continue putting our grain of sand in the generation of clean and reliable energy.

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