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They seek to develop the energy of the future in Spanish waters

European scientists have developed a first  map with deposits of ferromanganese in all European underwater funds , and are already looking for lithium and cobalt resources in Spanish waters of the Canary Islands, the Bank of Galicia or the Cantabrian, where they could extract metals for cars and « energy of the future ».


“The importance of these critical raw materials lies in the growing demand that society makes of them to meet the needs of  renewable energies  and  technological markets, explains the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain. And is that these underwater deposits have the most important polymetallic resources on the planet.

The map prepared by the scientists provides a first compilation of data on the presence of submarine ferromanganese deposits rich in  cobalt  and  lithium  in seas across Europe. These deposits are concentrated in polymetallic nodules rich in manganese  copper  and  nickel , and crusts of hierromanganese rich in cobalt,  tellurium , rare earths and elements of the platinum group  .

“We can appreciate a large amount of potential resources in cobalt-rich hierromanganese crusts in the  Canary Islands , the Norwegian Sea, the Barents Sea, the Arctic Ocean, the Iberian margins and the western Mediterranean Sea  , while the polymetallic nodule deposits enriched in cobalt and lithium are found in the  bank of Galicia , the Kara Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea and  the Cantabrian Sea “, specified the scientists.

By collecting data, both from  oceanographic campaigns  carried out by the  Geological and Mining Institute of Spain  and from data published in research articles from other institutions and organizations, those deposits have been geolocated and represented.

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