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These are the women who want the Spanish Brand to carry the flag of the Ecological Transition all over the world.

Irene Lozano, Xiana Méndez, María Luna, Valvanera Ulargui, Aina Calvo and Cristina Gallach. All of them have agreed, in a meeting chaired by the minister Teresa Ribera, that the Ecological Transition should be part of “the strategy of the Secretariat of State of Global Spain, in a transversal and priority way, in the action of Spain’s external reputation”. The Secretariat of State of Global Spain is the “highest body directly responsible for adopting measures to improve Spain’s external image”. The head of this Secretariat is Irene Lozano.



“The Ecological Transition will form part of the strategy of the Secretariat of State of Global Spain, in a transversal and priority way, in the action of external reputation of Spain, coordinated by Irene Lozano”. This is how the press release issued a few minutes ago by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition begins. The decision in question has been agreed -informs the Government- in a meeting under the presidency of the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, which has taken place in the Office of Global Spain, and in which have participated, in addition to Lozano and the minister, the Secretary of State for Trade, Xiana Méndez; the Secretary of State for the Economy, María Luna; the director of the Spanish Office for Climate Change, Valvanera Ulargui; the director general of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, Aina Calvo; and the high commissioner of the Government for Agenda 2030, Cristina Gallach.

“The Ecological Transition becomes a key message of public diplomacy”. This is how the Government entitled the press release with which it reported, this afternoon, on the outcome of that meeting: “Global Spain [the Secretary of State] incorporates the Ecological Transition as a new priority and transversal axis of external action”. This strategy will be coordinated by the Minister of the sector, Teresa Ribera; the Secretary of State of Global Spain, Irene Lozano; and various heads of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Industry and Trade. According to the communiqué issued by the Ministry headed by Ribera, the current climate emergency situation and the importance of the effects of climate change in Spain make it “inexcusable” that Global Spain turn the Ecological Transition into one of its key messages.

At the meeting,” reports the Ministry, “the importance of highlighting Spain’s efforts in the international arena to position the ecological transition as a key vector for the modernisation of the country’s political, economic and social life was discussed. The foundations have also been laid for a coordinated public diplomacy in this area, which also includes commercial, economic and foreign cooperation action.

According to the Ministry, the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030, which the Government presented to the European Commission last February, guarantees Spain a stable and accurate regulatory framework for the decarbonisation of its economy and defines a roadmap for the next decade. The Plan is completed with the Just Transition Strategy, which aims “that people and territories can take advantage of the opportunities of this transition, without anyone being left behind”.

The Spanish 2021-2030 Plan -the Ministry explains- provides the appropriate signals to attract the confidence of investors in new sustainable technologies to our country: “Spain’s commitment to Agenda 2030 and to sustainability is firm; at an international level -the Ministry continues-, Spain is leading the green transformation”.

In this sense, the Government recalls that the 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), drawn up by the Universities of Yale and Columbia in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, places Spain in twelfth position out of 180 countries, based on 24 indicators that determine environmental health and ecological vitality.

During the meeting, Minister Ribera thanked the Administrations for their efforts to place the fight against climate change as the backbone of our country’s external reputation, while stressing the need for Spain to provide solutions to global problems through the promotion of sustainable growth that respects the environment and guarantees social justice, cooperation and peace.

For its part, the Secretary of State of Global Spain has committed to projecting the achievements of the Spanish Strategy for Climate Change and to mainstream it into our country’s external action.

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