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The solar sweeps in the first Greek mixed auction and sets a record price of 0.053 euros / kWh

The Greek energy regulator RAE has published the results of the first mixed Greek solar and wind tender, in which seven projects have been awarded with a total generation capacity of 437.78 MW, with tariffs ranging from 0.053 € to 0, € 0647 / kWh. Six of the seven projects are solar photovoltaic, with a total capacity of 377.78 MW.


Of the winning photovoltaic offerings, a 60 MW by EDF offered a record price of € 0.053 / kWh. Two bidders, with solar projects of 140 MW and 83 MW, were winners with offers of 0.0544 € / kWh; while a third offer of 24 MW was awarded to the project with an offer of 0.0584 € / kWh; and two more projects, of 28 MW and 37 MW, were winners with an offer of € 0.064 / kWh

The 67 MW of the remaining capacity assigned was a wind project of the Greek Terna Energy, which was the winner with an offer of € 0.060 / kWh.

But the winning company in this auction was the German Juwi that took the three projects with capacities of 140 MW, 28 MW and 37 MW, all located in Kozani, in northern Greece. Juwi said the Kozani project is the largest solar park in southeastern Europe, suggesting that its three projects could constitute a single solar farm, according to energy portal pvmagazine .

The Greek Spes Solaris took two projects of 83 MW and 24 MW capacity, both, as in the case of Juwi, in the same region, Thiva. The only losing project was the 200 MW project presented by the Greek state company Public Power Corporation (PPC).

The RAE auction initially envisaged granting up to 600 MW of renewable energy capacity in the mixed tender. However, bids were received for only 637.78 MW and the regulator insists that bids be subscribed in excess by at least 40% for competitive reasons. As a result, the RAE chose to grant a maximum capacity of 455.56 MW. The remaining capacity will be offered in future tenders, according to Greece’s renewable energy master plan.

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