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The renewables ask to approve their retribution by decree law

They believe that the electoral advance has upset the plans

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The five large employers of renewable energies (Appa, AEE, Anpier, Protermosolar and Unef) on February 19 sent a letter to the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, to approve a Royal Decree Law with the value proposal for the next regulatory period. These business organizations consider that the electoral advance has disrupted the plans to be able to dispose of the reasonable rate of return before the end of the year.

The rates of financial remuneration applicable to the different activities with regulated remuneration of the electricity system for the proposed period 2020-2025 imply a rate of compensation of 5.58% for electricity transmission and distribution activities and 7.09% for the production activity from renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste.

These managed figures are supported by renewables, but with doubts, as insufficient, from the electricity distributors.

According to the employers of renewable, the terms that are estimated reasonable after the elections of April 28 for the constitution of the Cortes Generales and the new government, and from there, the process that would have to follow the Bill that established the parameters Remuneration for the second regulatory period, would not allow the regulation to be approved before the end of 2019.

For this reason, the associations consider that there are objective elements more than justified to apply this emergency and even that, if it could not be spoken of consensus, such proposal would have a more than comfortable support in the Chamber, as it is a peremptory matter, necessary and justice.

The proposal would count in principle with the support in the Chamber of Citizens and with the abstention of the Popular Party.

Remuneration for renewables and networks is one of the key pieces to be able to mobilize the necessary investment for the energy transition. For the time being, the Government has presented the Draft Bill and now must decide whether to continue regulating at the stroke of a royal decree law. The current Executive has approved a total of 25 decree laws in just eight months, which is an unprecedented amount.

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