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The registration period for the III National Congress on Renewable Energies is now open.

APPA Renovables, organizes the III National Congress of Renewable Energies to be held on 3 and 4 December in the Auditorium of the Mutua Madrileña. One of the objectives of this edition is to take stock of this year’s strong renewable implementation and to analyse and debate the future that awaits us in the national renewable sector, as a result of the European objectives we have for the year 2030. Critical aspects for companies in the sector will also be dealt with, such as the next review of the regulatory period in 2020, the regulations and situation regarding rights of access and connection to installations, the need for short-term auctions, etc.


In this edition, in which the organizers hope to exceed the 400 attendees of the previous Congress, will have the entire value chain of the renewable sector (promoters, developers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, large customers, distributors), as well as representatives of the administration and regulatory agencies.

The Congress ‘Renewables 2019’ seeks to energize the activity for the next decade so the contact between different professionals and companies will be another of the goals of the organization. For this they will have networking moments (coffees, lunches and the Sector Meeting Dinner), as well as a APP for mobile devices aimed at professionals who so wish can interact with each other and arrange professional meetings.

The Congress will bring together the main players in the national renewable sector, who will share their vision of the future. María Fernández, vice-president of the CNMC; Carmen Becerril, president of Omel; Marina Serrano, president of Aelec; Miguel Duvison, general director of Operation of REE; Piet Holtrop, partner of Holtrop Transaction & Business Law; Belén Linares, director of Innovation of Acciona Energía; or Ignacio Osorio, CEO of Ampere Energy, are some of the more than forty speakers from companies and public bodies that will take part throughout the two days.

Throughout the Congress, round tables and a series of talks will be organised by professionals from the national energy sector representing institutions, public bodies, as well as companies that are leading national renewable development. The speakers will give a complete overview of the situation of the sector and the keys to its future development. The main debates and presentations will have the following content:

A new stage for renewables in the development of energy and climate objectives

Different personalities from the energy sector representing the regulatory bodies, market and electricity system operators and some of the most relevant companies in the sector will analyse in detail the evolution of the business, the objectives of the PNIEC and the capacity to meet the objectives.

The necessary regulatory stability

During the Congress, the main challenges in terms of legislation and regulation will be addressed. What will happen with reasonable profitability in 2020? How will the regulations regarding access and connection of renewable installations be articulated? How are future auctions of new renewable capacity planned?

A global energy vision

Some of the large traditional companies will have their business plans in relation to the renewable sector. The opportunities presented by this sector for large and small companies in terms of investment, financing and the development of facilities to meet the ambitious objectives set will be analysed.

The challenge of storage, hybridisation and energy management of renewable installations

It will address in a practical way the current situation of energy storage, its profitability, costs and opportunities and challenges in relation to energy management of renewable facilities, the requirements that come to meet the objectives of decarbonization and the necessary firmness and manageability of a system based largely on renewable facilities.

Hydrogen: a profitable solution for renewable installations?

We will analyze in detail the current situation of this technology, its costs, the opportunities it presents to avoid discharges of renewable generation and the use of surplus energy. The possibility of signing PPA’s contracts for the production of hydrogen and the role that the binomial autoconsumption and hydrogen could have will also be analyzed.

Key factors for the development of self-consumption and the role of large consumers in the face of the change of model

Many companies are already betting on self-consumption solutions or the signing of PPA’s contracts to supply themselves with 100% renewable energy. The next definition of electricity tariffs will be key to the evolution of the sector and, on the other hand, the necessary commitment of large companies to sustainability makes them interested in renewable contracting.

Renewable financing instruments

The Congress will be able to get to know the current reality of the possibilities of financing large and small renewable generation facilities. The current situation of the PPA’s contracts will be shown from the point of view of the energy producer and from the point of view of the final buyer. Practical financing experiences in the stock markets and practical experience for the issuance of Green Bonds, accessible to both large and small developers, will also be presented.


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