Expected Impact

SEA-TITAN will develop a new crosscutting PTO solution, based on the concept of an azimuthal multitranslator switched reluctance, which is a simple, able to provide a high force value, compatible with a good number of WEC technologies, and scalable in terms of power and cost effective.

Sea-Titan contributes to European Energy Work Programme

Today, according to SET PLAN and Ocean Energy Europe, 45 % of wave energy companies and 50 % of tidal energy companies are from Europe. 66% of tidal wave patents and 44% of wave patents globally are held by European companies. They are in prime position to capture a global market estimated to be worth €53bn annually in 2050.

  1. Reduces the technological risks for the next development stages
  2. Significantly increase technology performance
  3. Reduce life-cycle environmental impact
  4. Nurtures the development of the industrial capacity to produce components and systems and opening of new opportunities
  5. Contributes to the strengthening the European industrial technology base, thereby creating growth and jobs in Europe
  6. Reduces renewable energy technologies installation time and cost and/or operational costs, hence easing the deployment of renewable energy sources within the energy mix
  7. Increase the reliability and lifetime while decreasing operation and maintenance costs, hence creating new business opportunities
  8. Contributes to solving the global climate and energy challenges

The considerable potential impacts expected of SEA-TITAN project and results will be broadened by means of: A Dissemination Plan, related to the project results; the Exploitation of those Results by the partners; and a Communication Plan, related to the project itself.

SEA-TITAN intends to explore market opportunities related to the potential use of the new crosscutting PTO in wave energy converters. Moreover the potential customers of the AMSRM based PTO could be extended to some of those Wave Energy Developers which base their solution on the work produced along a vertical displacement of one or two moving bodies, if they finally conclude that an efficient and powerful Direct Drive PTO can represent a competing option to the alternatives that they are using now.

Additionally, the participation in standardization activities and collaboration with external industrial exploitation committees will also help reducing any existing or future barrier from the standards or industry side that could affect the project impact

Measures to Maximise Impact

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