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CHILE: The installed capacity of unconventional renewables is already almost 21% of the energy matrix

The monthly report of non-conventional renewable energies (ERNC, as they are meant in the South American country when subtracting the large hydroelectric plants) for the month of March announced by the National Energy Commission, which reports to the Ministry of Energy, highlights that these sources already reach 20.9% of those connected to the National Electric System (SEN).


The document explains that it is 4,884 MW with almost 99.4% connected to the SEN, also that there is another 401 MW in tests distributed in different technologies.

This capacity is led by photovoltaics, with 2,360 MW in operations and 92 MW in tests; followed by wind, with 1,529 MW and 220 MW; biomass, which includes biogas, 501 MW and 6 MW; minihydro, with projects below 20 MW, 495 MW and 42 MW. There are 40 geothermal MW in tests.

Of the total capacity, 4,855 MW are connected to the SEN, 26 MW – 0.5% – is linked to the Electric System of Aysén and 3 MW -0.1% – in Magallanes

It should be noted that the report also mentions that there are 1,234 MW under construction, distributed as follows: 820 MW wind, 298 MW photovoltaic; 110 MW thermoelectric (CSP) and 6 MW in biomass. These projects are expected to enter into operation between March this year and January 2021.

Total and distributed

generation Regarding generation, of the total of 6,654 GWh, during March the ERNC injected 1,188 GWh, which corresponds to 18% of the total. If broken down by technologies, 549 GWh came from photovoltaics, 324 GWh from wind, 172 GWh from biomass, 128 GWh from mini-hydro and 16 GWh from geothermal.

Finally, among other data, the report gives a picture of the current panorama of residential facilities. It is ensured, therefore, that from February 2015 to March of this year, 3,869 residential systems have been registered with the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels, totaling a total power of 23.1 MW; just under half of them, 10.3 MW, were registered in the last 13 months.

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