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The Government Will Offer Aid To Electrical Installations Based On Renewable Energies

The Government of Cantabria has called for aid to cover the cost of electricity production and saving facilities for individual use through autonomous systems of energy production based on the use of renewable energy in isolated buildings in rural areas of private property.


Installation with renewables

To be eligible for aid, the facilities must belong to a population of less than 15,000 inhabitants or that, being greater than this figure, the building belongs to a nucleus with a population of less than 2,500 inhabitants.

The Ministry of Rural Affairs, Fisheries and Food allocates 50,000 euros to these aids that may be requested until July 7.

They are aimed at natural or legal persons who own homes for temporary or permanent use, agricultural and livestock facilities of more than 30 meters of plant, other facilities for these uses and also for general use such as hermitages, workshops, garages, warehouses, haystacks, local farming tools, etc..

Specifically, the Government of Cantabria finances the actions, which are carried out throughout this year with a budget greater than 1,500 euros, to provide supply to the aforementioned facilities that do not have this service, to increase power through renewable energy or for those cases of new supplies by electrical connection in buildings more than 100 meters from the point of supply.



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