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The Government wants to boost local energy communities

The Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) has undertaken a line of work to promote the Local Energy Communities and will soon launch a specific program for the financing of pilot projects and publish a Guide with the steps to follow for its Constitution.


The IDAE (body attached to the Ministry for Ecological Transition) has organized a day-debate with representatives of fourteen business associations and institutions “with the aim of defining these communities and articulate the tools that contribute to their momentum”. The Director General of the Institute, Joan Herrera, highlighted in this meeting “the need to reflect on this new concept that appears in the scenario of a fair energy transition that takes into account, therefore, the empowerment of the user, especially at the local level ” During the day, Herrera announced that the IDAE will soon publish a guide that clarifies what is understood by a Local Energy Community and how to establish it,

The day-debate has also served to present the study, commissioned by the IDAE, “Development of instruments to promote energy communities”, which includes the experiences carried out in the countries around us and how this concept could be implemented in our country.

The energy community is a figure – IDAE informs – that is not currently recognized in our legislation and that the European Union is currently defining. The EU understands as such, “as a guide and not a limitation, a legal entity with voluntary and open participation controlled by shareholders or members who are natural persons, local authorities or companies, whose main objective is to offer environmental, economic or social benefits to its members or the locality in which it carries out its activity “.

These actors -continues the IDAE- can participate in the generation of energy mainly from renewable sources, distribution, supply, consumption, aggregation, energy storage, the provision of energy efficiency services, the provision of energy services. recharging for electric vehicles or other energy services. According to the Institute, “the new opportunities offered by the energy transition in which we are immersed generate the emergence of new cooperation systems that promote a fairer, more efficient and collaborative system of our energy resources.” The Local Energy Communities offer an opportunity in this new framework “.

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