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The electricity bill falls again for the second consecutive month after falling by 2.2% in September

The average electricity bill fell by 2.2% in September compared to the previous month, marking its second consecutive month of falls, according to data collected by Europa Press from the simulator of the National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC).


Specifically, the average bill for a domestic consumer in September was 60.16 euros, compared to 61.55 euros last August. To make a homogeneous calculation, the whole month of September was compared with the last 30 days of August.

Of the amount of this month’s bill, 14.39 euros correspond to the fixed term, 32.91 euros to consumption, 2.42 euros to electricity tax and 10.44 euros to VAT.

This electricity bill corresponds to an average consumer with a contracted power of 4.4 kilowatts (kW) and an annual demand of 3,900 kilowatt-hours (kWh), typical of a family with two children.

Thus, the electricity bill adds two consecutive months of falls, after the month of July (+3%) saw cut the downward trend that had maintained throughout the first half of the year.

Compared to September last year, the reduction in the receipt of light for an average consumer reaches 19%, with about 14 euros less.


However, despite this reduction in the receipt, this September consumers in ten autonomous communities will pay in their bill the inclusion of a territorial supplement not applied in the past.

This new concept is due to a re-invoicing for the consumption of six years ago in the regions that did not impact on users the compulsory taxes in 2013, which, on the other hand, were assumed by the electricity traders.

The additional amount ranges from less than one euro in some communities to almost 20 euros more. If the amount of the supplement is equal to or less than 2 euros before tax, the total amount will be applied in a single invoice, while if it is greater than 2 euros before tax, the amount will be divided into equal parts and more than one euro in the invoices issued within a maximum of twelve months from the first invoice.

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