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The Canary Islands and Morocco will collaborate on projects and services related to renewable energies

The Minister of Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge, Pedro Ortega, announced yesterday that the Government of the Canary Islands, through the Technological Institute of the Canary Islands (ITC), will collaborate with the Government of Morocco in the “promotion of projects and services linked to the renewable energies, as well as water technologies “. ITC and the public renewable energy company of Morocco, Masen, will also work in the search for joint financing.


The Canary Islands and Morocco have reached that agreement within the framework of Fernando Clavijo’s first official trip to the neighboring country. In particular, the Minister Pedro Ortega and Moustapha Bakkoury, president of the public company Masen, responsible for the development and expansion of renewable energies in Morocco, have signed a collaboration agreement in which they agree to share the experience of both institutions in the field of renewables and look for new opportunities to access joint financing funds. In this sense – informs the Government of the Canary Islands-, counselor Ortega has alluded to the opportunities to collaborate in advanced solutions for rural and peri-urban electrification (micro and mini networks with high penetration of renewable energy), storage of renewable energy in its different forms (by pumping, new electrochemical batteries for distributed generation, etc.) and the formation of renewable energies and water technologies, among other areas. All of them, areas in which ITC has a proven track record that includes 20 years of collaboration with the Kingdom of Morocco.

Pedro Ortega, Minister of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge : “This is the most important international agreement in the history of ITC, which opens the door for Canarian companies in tandem with Moroccan companies to develop joint projects in the sector of The renewable energies”

Pedro Ortega’s agenda in Morocco has also included meetings with the Ministers of Economy and Finance and Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development of Mohamed Benchaaboun and Aziz Rebbah, respectively, as well as with Moroccan businessmen with whom he has signed a Protocol of collaboration to undertake joint actions with a view to boosting economic, commercial and business relations, as well as direct external investment flows between Morocco and the Canary Islands.

According to the protocol signed between Pedro Ortega and the president of the Morocco-Spain Economic Council (Cemaes) , Salaheddine Kadmiri, both territories agree to exchange information on business opportunities, international tenders and identification of possible partners to carry out business projects in the Canary Islands, Morocco, Africa and Latin America. At the same time, they will collaborate in the organization of business missions and in professional training days, as well as in participation in fairs and trade shows.

El Cemaes is a business association created jointly by the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the General Confederation of Businesses of Morocco (MEGC) to enhance the promotion of bilateral cooperation.

Greater participation in the tenders

The counselor Ortega explained that the regional government is working to facilitate the participation of Canarian companies in the Moroccan market through the implementation of a technical assistance program that finances consulting work about Moroccan projects.

At present, three actions are being financed in Morocco, for a total amount of 45,000 euros, in relation to three projects undertaken by Moroccan public institutions that can be carried out by Canarian companies and which are linked to urban planning, tourism and development. eco-sustainable

Pedro Ortega, Minister of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge of the Government of the Canary Islands : “participation in project tenders is an effective way to increase the presence of the Canary Islands in the country, especially in the regions of Souss Massa, or Guelmim, or in localities such as Tarfaya and Sidi Ifni, which would contribute to strengthening relations between the Canary Islands and Morocco, a country that has a prominent role in the strategy of internationalization of the Canarian economy ”


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