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The Blue Growth and the marine life

We all know the importance of taking the most potential from the marine and ocean energy sectors. However, it is inevitable to debate whether this growth is going to sacrifice or damage the environment from which it will develop (oceans), as well as it´s species that inhabit it.

Just as wind energy is sometimes dangerous for some birds, it is known that marine energy can be dangerous for some species of the ocean environment too, just like fishes, molluscs and crustaceans among others.

The Blue Growth, also known as the Blue Economy or ocean economy, is a long term strategy to support growth in the marine and maritime sectors.

The origin of  Blue Growth, dates back to the preparatory meetings of the RIO+20 conference in 2012. It´s initial focus was aimed at projecting an economic model that would serve to use the great potential of seas and oceans.

This strategy was aligned with the principle Sustainable Development Goals. One of these objectives, the Objective 14: marine life, is based on the belief that in order to promote sustainable optimal use of marine resources, maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems is essential.

Nevertheless, a generalized international consensus has confirmed that practically the 80% of all marine damage has its origin on land activities, and that only the 20% of the damage is caused from activities that take place in the ocean, including accidental spills.

In this aspect, we should be conscious about the real threats for the ocean environment, in order to to establish concrete responsibilities and take specific actions.

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