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Tenerife beats the record for renewables by covering 60% of demand in its system last Sunday

Tenerife’s electricity system has broken its record for renewable production. Last Sunday, wind and photovoltaic energy raised the percentage of demand covered by renewables to 59.97%.


According to Red Eléctrica data, this record was obtained at exactly 16.20 hours. At that time, wind energy was producing 149.6 GWh, or 41.9% of the island’s electricity demand.

On the other hand, photovoltaic solar energy reached 64.5 GWh of production to obtain 18.07% of Tenerife’s demand at that time.

The Tenerife system only produces renewables with these two technologies, it does not have hydroelectric or any other clean energy source.

The Canary Islands have around 600 MW of renewable energies installed on their islands. Approximately half of this power is installed in Tenerife.


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