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Spain remains with the fifth most expensive electricity bill in Europe: the price drops 0.74 cents/kWh in the first half of the year.

The EU’s statistics office, Eurostat, has published energy prices for the first half of 2019 and Spain is once again in bad shape as it remains in fifth place with the most expensive electricity bill for domestic consumers in Europe.


Specifically, the price per kWh of electricity in Spain, with all taxes and costs included, is 0.2403 €/kWh, a price that is somewhat cheaper than that of last December 31, 2018 when Eurostat set a price for Spain of 0.2477 €/kWh.

Eurostat counts as taxes some costs related to electricity, that is why, in order to be able to compare everything well you have to include everything.

The most expensive electricity is paid by German consumers, who have surpassed Denmark compared to the end of 2018. Germany has a price of 0.3088 €/kWh and has increased compared to the previous semester when it stood at 0.30 €/kWh.

After Germany, Denmark follows with 0.29.84 €/kWh, Belgium (0.2839 €/kWh) and Ireland (0.2423 €/kWh). These three countries, as well as Spain have also lowered their prices a little compared to the end of last year.

Ukraine, Kosovo and Serbia are the countries that pay the least for their electricity.

If the purchasing power of each country is taken into account, Spain is worse off as it climbs to the third most expensive electricity bill in the Old Continent, behind Germany and Romania.

However, for large industrial consumers with consumption above 15,000 kWh, the price of electricity in Spain ranks 13th in the EU as a whole.

Europe’s most expensive electricity for large consumers is in Malta, which pays almost €0.40/kWh. Romania is already far behind with 0.28 €/kWh. In this case Spain pays just over 0.19 €/kWh.

The fall in the price of electricity in the first half of 2019 is probably due to a cheaper gas price and an increase in generation with renewables.

In the case of Spain, in the first quarter, it should be remembered that there was no tax on generation that was re-established in the second quarter.

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