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Six companies request authorization for solar plants in Murcia

The Department of Urban Planning has begun the process to grant them exceptional authorization for public interest and to start the works as soon as posible


The elimination of the ‘sun tax’ has opened the door for private companies to begin to look favorably on investments in renewable energy, a step that is already being noticed in the Department of Urbanism, Environment, Water and Garden of the City of Murcia , which in the last year has received requests to open up to six new photovoltaic plants in the municipality of Murcia.

Most of these projects will be located in large areas of Cañada Hermosa and Sucina, in the peripheral area of ​​the municipality, where there is enough space to set up these solar farms with which to take a step towards the use of renewable energies and fight against climate change .

The files of these six new plants are in the process of being processed, as the Department headed by Antonio Navarro Corchón has transferred them to the Ministry of Environment of the Autonomous Community, which is responsible for deciding if it is justified that they are given permission for public interest so that the promoters of these projects can begin the works.

Of all the projects presented in Urbanism, the largest plant is that of the company Fotosolar Medina, which would go to the Paraje de la Ermita in Cañada Hermosa and that would have 1.8 million square meters of surface area and an installed capacity of 50 megawatts. This will be followed by Photovoltaic Generation Lo Borrego SL which will be located near the new Corvera International Airport, in Baños y Mendigo, and which with 293,000 square meters of land will also have about 50 megawatts. This project contemplates an investment of 41 million euros and will involve the installation of more than 140,000 solar panels.

The third project in installed power is the one promoted by Next-Sol 1492 SL in the Paraje Cañada Alta of Cañada Hermosa. In this case, it foresees an investment of 36.2 million euros and the surface it will occupy will be 931,000 square meters.

The councilman of Urbanism and Environment indicates that all these projects were requested from the second half of last year 2018 , except for the Lo Borrego plant, which has been in process since 2017 and which is the most advanced. Navarro Corchón recognizes that “clean and renewable energy projects are awakening interest in companies for the possibility of pouring energy into the grid, which means that it is profitable.” From the City of Murcia there is a commitment to favor this type of facilities that transcend the regional scope, since it is Industry that must also authorize the connections and verify that these do not invade any protected space through the corresponding declaration of environmental impact.

At the local level the Consistory has also carried out the implementation of a score of facilities in schools, public buildings and cultural centers.

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