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SEA-TITAN at CORDIS Results Pack

The last August 25th, CORDIS (The Community Research and Development Information Service) have published an article about the results of the SEA-TITAN project.

What is CORDIS?

CORDIS is the European Commision´s primary source of results from thre projects funded by the EU´S framework programmes for research and innovation. It is governed and funded as part of the H2020 framework programme.

This article has been recently included in the upcoming Results Pack on Ocean Energy. In this results pack, are introduced up to 10 EU-funded projects that, as well as the SEA-TITAN project, are working together to demonstrate the rentability and the market potential of the ocean energy technologies.

The article is available online in six different languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish.

In order to see the whole article, you can find it at the CORDIS website on the Results Pack section, or just click at the following link:

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