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SEA-TITAN H2020: A step-change towards wave energy technology converge


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Our most recent article on the H2020 SEA-TITAN project has been published in collaboration with Open Access Government, on June 16th 2020. In order to see the whole article, please click in the following link: SEA-TITAN: Wave Energy Technology Convergence

Open Access Government

Open Access Government is a digital publication that provides an in-depth perspective on key public policy areas from all around the world, including health and social care, research and innovation, technology, block chain innovation, government, environment and energy.

In the article, Aleix Maria Arenas from the WEDGE GLOBAL, unpacks the important aspects of the SEA-TITAN project and what we need to know about the Horizon 2020 Program. The SEA TITAN project heralds a step-change towards wave energy technology convergence. The main objective is to reduce the size and weight of the PTO system and take yeild higher force density and the stronger magnetic fields.

The SEA-TITAN project, coordinated by the Spanish wave energy technology developer  ‘Wedge’, includes, among others, Wave Energy Companies, such as CorPower Ocean, Centipod and Hydrocap Energy, in order to co-develop an innovative PTO (Power Take-Off) design.

This project is also being made possible through the collaborative contributions of  CIEMAT and ASG Superconductors. SEA-TITAN includes also the participation of UNE, EDP CNET and Engie Fabricom.

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