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Scottish wind power can now supply every household in the country

Scotland’s wind farms produced enough electricity during the first six months of this year to meet the demand of almost four and a half million households, which is almost double the demand of all Scottish households or the total Scottish domestic demand plus that of the North of England. The data has been made public by WWF Scotland, which cites the energy agency Severn Wye Energy Agency (Weather Energy) as the source.



WeatherEnergy is part of the European project EnergizAIR, which is funded by the Intelligent Energy programme, led by the European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI). Severn Wye Energy Agency is the British partner agency in this project. The data comes from that agency. Scotland has 2.46 million households. In the image that presides over this information, Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating offshore wind farm, began delivering electricity to the Scottish grid in October 2017. The thirty-megawatt park was developed by Masdar (Abu Dhabi) and Norway’s Statoil (a majority publicly owned company). Hywind Scotland is located about 25 kilometres off the coast of Peterhead (Aberdeen). The wind turbines in this facility float in waters as deep as 80 metres. The project has required an investment of 234 million euros. According to Statoil, the floating solution used in Hywind is suitable for installing wind turbines in waters up to 800 meters deep, “which opens up areas that until now were inaccessible to offshore wind”.


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