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Sanchez will present on Wednesday before the businessmen the great package of energy and climate

Day, February 20, 2019. Time, 13.00. Place, Ministry for the Ecological Transition. There will be the presentation of the great energy reform of the Government. And who will present it will be nothing more and nothing less than the very President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.


This morning, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition has summoned all the agents of the energy sector, the big companies, the environmental associations and trade unions to summon them for this Wednesday to the presentation of the great energy and climate package.

This package consists of three legs: the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC), the Draft Law on Climate Change and Ecological Transition and the Strategy for a Just Transition.

Moncloa has summoned all the major players in the sector and is expected to come to the Ministry the big heads of energy companies, namely Ignacio Galán (Iberdrola), Josu Jon Imaz (Repsol), José Bogas (Endesa), Francisco Reynés ( Naturgy), Jordi Sevilla (REE), José Manuel Entrecanales (Acciona), Antonio Llardén (Enagás), Miguel Antoñanzas (Viesgo) , etc. La creme de la creme from the energy business sector.

Sanchez wants to announce to hype and cymbal one of his big bets since he arrived at La Moncloa last June. The fight against climate change, sustainable economic development and the decarbonisation of the economy have been the hallmark of the PSOE in these months.

The Government wants to take advantage of the occasion to present this great energy reform, which although it does not have much legal distance, it will have an impact for all the agents of the sector since it sets the guidelines of the energy transition that Spain should develop in the next 30 years.

Thus, the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan is a document in which the foundations of that transition are developed. The plan will include the emission reduction target, which the Government has announced that it will be 38% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, a much higher percentage than what Brussels requires.

It is also scheduled to announce in that plan the objective of renewable that will be 70% of the electric mix for 2030. In addition, it will put the closing date of both the thermal power stations, expected for 2025 approximately, and the nuclear power plants, which would be out in the decade 2025-2035.

This Plan is a draft that you must send to Brussels. Spain is one of only two countries of the 28 that has not yet submitted the draft Plan. Brussels will be in charge of ensuring that the objectives set are carried out and that they can be verified little by little over the years. In December of this year, the current government (waiting for the new elections) will have to send the final document to the European Commission.

Likewise, Sánchez will announce, together with Minister Ribera, the draft Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition. In this norm, which for reasons of time will not see the light in this legislature after the electoral call of 28A, is put, among other measures, date to diesel and gasoline by 2040. It will also prohibit giving aid to fossil fuels, will force the gas stations to put recharging points, will call renewable auctions (but its development needs a Royal Decree), and will prohibit the exploration and production of new deposits of both oil and gas.

The third leg is the Strategy for a Just Transition. In this text, the Government wants to make clear its support both to the coal mining companies and to the workers and the affected areas where this industry is housed and the thermal power plants that will close in the coming years. The Government wants to thank you for your work in the last 35 or 40 years and does not want to leave you excluded from this revolution. To do this, it will offer solutions to both employers and affected workers.

The Government plans to take all this package to the Council of Ministers next Friday 22 and give the go-ahead to all the texts.

It is therefore a strong push that the Government wants to give to the energy transition. Two years ago, Mariano Rajoy also made an event of similar characteristics to work in this regard. In this case, the Government of Pedro Sánchez goes a step further with texts that set the pattern of the next decades in energy.

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