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Renewable energy generation offer in Argentina grew 90% in two years

Renewable sources represent 4% of the total system instead of the projected 8%, but their evolution consolidates a paradigmatic change in the composition of the electrical matrix.


The evolution of energy generation from renewable sources grew by 90% in the 2017-2018 biennium, which, while representing 4% of the total system instead of the projected 8%, consolidates a paradigm shift in the composition of the electricity matrix.

This was highlighted by a sector study carried out by the international consulting firm KPMG, in which it was analyzed that the goals proposed by law 27.191 for the promotion of renewable energies, the goal of 12% of 2019 could be reached if the projects under construction were effectively put into operation.

Nevertheless, the work warned that the economic situation and the current state of the infrastructure, mainly of the electrical transmission network, suppose the two main obstacles for the full development of the renewable energy projects and consequently of the objectives of the law.

KPMG’s work specified that the share of renewables in the local electricity matrix reached 4% in 2018, and despite not having reached the 8% target set in the law, “the evolution recorded in the last two years translates into a growth that was greater than 90%.

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