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Renewable energy for municipal offices

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council presented the two photovoltaic plants which, located in the adjacent car park of Sagulpa, will in the near future supply 92% of the energy consumption of the municipal offices of the former Metropole Hotel and which already cover 100% of the energy used by the parking lot.


According to municipal sources, it is expected that the savings in CO2 emissions will be 80.09 tons per year in the case of parking and 174.28 in the case of municipal offices: a total of 254 tons of CO2 that will cease to emit into the atmosphere. While they still have not quantified what impact it will have, in turn, in economic terms.

In any case, although they are already producing in the car park, the energy from the photovoltaic plants will take a little longer to supply the municipal office building. “It will be activated in the coming weeks. The technicians of the City Council still have to make some action and we already had the possibility of supplying the car park and I hope that soon can do so to the building,” said José Eduardo Ramírez, councilman delegate of Mobility.

Ramirez, in turn, commented on the reasons that will delay the arrival at municipal offices of the energy from the plates. “We are talking about an old building in which it is necessary to do some actions that apparently are not simple. But the information we have is that in the coming weeks will be,” he said.

The mayor insists that this intervention shows the municipal commitment to respond to climate change.

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