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Regulatory changes to take centre stage at Solar+Wind Congress 2019 in Madrid

The Sun tax went down in history on October 5, 2018. Beyond the normative changes that it implied, the transcendence of that measure of the socialist government sent the message of a strong bet for the self-consumption and the deployment of the renewable ones in Spain. This will be discussed at the Solar+Wind Congress 2019, to be held on 13 June in Madrid.


The international meeting will bring together owners of renewable assets, investors, developers, EPC, consultants and suppliers to discuss the new scenarios in which the development of solar and wind energy in Spain will move. The arrival of the Socialist government, after the motion of censure, coincided with the approval, last June 14, of the new Directive on Renewable Energy, which already raised a resounding no to the tax on the Sun, and sets a quota of 32% renewable in 2030.

The Solar+Wind Congress 2019 will address issues such as the development of self-consumption in Spain, the growth of merchant plants, the integration of storage, PPA projects, operation and maintenance, or intelligent and efficient technologies that offer new opportunities throughout the supply chain. There will also be talk of self-consumption, net balance, changes in the configuration of electricity market prices or new models for financing renewable projects. The Solar+Wind Congress 2019 will be attended by renowned experts who have already confirmed their attendance.

The scenario that opens up in Spain is propitious for the development of renewables. Our country aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2050, above 1990 levels, and to achieve 100% renewable energy that same year, according to the draft Climate Change and Energy Transition Act. The goal is to reach 70% renewable electricity by 2030. For which the government plans the installation of 3 GW of new wind and solar power per year in the next decade.

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