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Red Eléctrica’s investment in the Canary Islands

The whole of the Canary archipelago currently has a circuit of lines of 1,384 km and 59 substations.

Red Eléctrica’s investment in the Canary Islands already amounts to 325.8 million euros since 2011 in maintenance, renovation and improvement work on the archipelago’s high-voltage transmission network. Already in 2014, the organisation announced its intention to invest 801.4 million euros, of which 326.3 million have already been paid out to date.


In 2011 Red Eléctrica began an investment campaign in the Canary Islands aimed at maintaining, improving and renewing the high-voltage transmission network. At the end of last year, the Islands had already received the investment of 326.3 million and it is expected that by the end of 2021 a further 487.9 million more will have arrived. All this aims to equip the Canary Islands with the same parameters of security and quality of supply as in the Peninsula.

Breakdown of Red Eléctrica’s investment in the Canary Islands

Of the total of 325.8 million euros, the maintenance work on the infrastructure that makes up the high-voltage network has received an amount of 181.8 million euros. For its part, the remaining 144 million have been aimed at reinforcing and renewing the assets of the transmission network, corresponding to the MAR Project (Improvement of Network Assets), which since 2011 has managed to reduce the average interruption time of the system.

Also since 2011, the entity has disbursed 2.2 million euros in the Granadilla substation, the installation where the electrical incident that left the inhabitants of Tenerife without light for hours last Sunday took place. With respect to this installation, 1.2 million euros have been dedicated to the maintenance of the installation and another million to the renewal of the substation assets.

The whole of the Canary archipelago currently has a circuit of 1,384 km lines and 59 substations. Specifically, Tenerife has 618.75 km of lines and 23 substations.

Granadilla Substation

In 2010 Red Eléctrica acquired the Granadilla substation to comply with the voltage levels determined for both the Balearic and Canary Islands. Therefore, for almost 10 years now, the company has managed this installation with two voltage levels, 220 kV and 66 kV. The company is in charge of managing the substation assets, drawing up maintenance strategies based on the company’s maintenance policies, experience and knowledge, and specially designed for the equipment of this transmission network.

Since 2011, the Granadilla substation has been the subject of more than 3,000 actions divided into five major technological areas: auxiliary services, protection systems, high voltage equipment, telecommunications systems and control systems.

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