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PLOCAN work in a new energy collection device that also desalinate the water.

PLOCAN (The test banc of the Canary Islands Oceanic Platform) is about to implement a device developed by the European consortium, which is trying to solve some of this challenges, including water desalination.

The way of operation of the collectors is the following: “the devices will begin to swing, folding and unfolding below the surface at the rhythm of the waves. 24 of these energy collection devices will be installed, and the devices will be connected to a nearby Plocan platform, where the turbine will be located. Its annual production is equivalent to the average energy consume of 140 households.”

Another advantage of this double-function system, is that is capable of generate energy and desalinate water at the same time. The water is pumped up to Plocan where the turbine produces electricity, but there is also a reverse osmosis system. The great advantage of the device is that, the responsible of the installation can decide what percentage will be used for desalination and what for the turbine.

Seatitan has been working together with PLOCAN Company among others, and we believe in this kind of projects so we can find a solution and  make a step change in the wave energy sector.

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