SEA-TITAN project related news

PLOCAN Joins SEATITAN’S External Industrial Exploitation Board (EIEB)

Through an official statement, PLOCAN, announced its interest in becoming part of the Seatitan project, coordinated by Wedge Global.

In the letter the consortium stated that “PLOCAN believes that the innovate and crosscutting direct drive power take -off proposed in the project as a solution for wave energy converter will make a step change in the wave energy sectory”.

For Seatitan, this is a great boost from a company that since 2007, has been promoting scientific development, technology and innovation in the marine and maritime.

PLOCAN is a Singular Scientific-Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) belonging to the ICTS Map of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. PLOCAN forms part of the Map of Singular Scientific-Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) which includes unique facilities, resources, equipment and services dedicated to cutting-edge technological research and development of the highest quality, as well as promoting the transmission, exchange and preservation of knowledge, technology transfer and innovation.


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