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One third of the world’s energy capacity comes from renewable energy

The severity and urgency to combat climate change requires a rapid transition to the massive use of renewable energies . Emerging and developing economies are increasing the use of hydroelectric power, wind energy, bioenergy, solar and geothermal energy in the global electric mix.


It requires an energy transformation worldwide to ensure the survival of the planet. There are advances worldwide, but at different speeds.

Asia increased the installed capacity of renewable energy by 11.4% and made 61% of the new solar installations during 2018 .

Oceania ranked second, adding 17.7% of green energy capacity. The third place is Africa, with 8.4% growth.

Despite the achievements, there is still a long way to go for a real decarbonization of the economy, according to the study carried out by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) , the body that produces the most up-to-date statistics on renewable energy.

The analysis compares renewable versus non-renewable energies, specifically in the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Asia and the Middle East have experienced non-renewable generation growth of some 115 GW .

Advancement of renewables.

The capacity for generating renewable energy reached 2,351 GW in 2018 . Its main sources are the following:

Bioenergy or biomass .

Their levels remain low. China increased its capacity by 26 GW, India by 700 MW and the United Kingdom by 900 MW.

Solar energy .

Asia led the world growth with an increase of 64 GW , which constitutes 70% of the world total in 2018. The list is followed by the United States (8.4 GW), Australia (3.8 GW) and Germany (3, 6 GW).

Geothermal energy .

Turkey leads the development of geothermal energy with 219 MW , followed by Indonesia with 137 MW. New Zealand, Mexico and the United States also added capacity with this energy model, but at modest levels compared to the rest of generation technologies.

Hydroelectric .

Approximately 1172 GW were installed . Only China added a significant amount of capacity, estimated at 8.5 GW.

Wind .

It contributed 53 GW. The United States and China were the countries with the highest investments. Other countries such as Germany, Brazil, France, India and the United Kingdom expanded by more than 1 GW respectively.

The growth of renewable energies during the year 2018 reflected the trends of the last five years, which means that clean energy patterns take precedence worldwide. It will be enough?

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