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Mexico advances with modern solar energy laboratory

Universities and research centers Mexico are betting strongly on the use of renewable energy incorporating new elements that guarantee greater efficiency and more competitive prices.


Renewable energies have taken a very important role in the world, in addition, solar energy becomes the most important source of production and analysis so its development becomes indispensable. Simon Zhao, Director of Solarever, a 100% Mexican company and leader in the photovoltaic panel industry at the national level, emphasized that access to energy in a safe and low-cost way is a factor of great relevance to define the destination of large investment projects at the international level, which will also contribute to the growth of a country’s economy. The new National Laboratory for the Solar Industry is one of the most ambitious projects at the national level and is currently under development by Solarever Technology of America in conjunction with several universities in Mexico.

“The objective of this photovoltaic technology research laboratory focuses mainly on the development of mechanical and electrical tests of solar panels, as well as the creation of new materials, solar technology and applications of distributed solar generation, so we intend to consolidate it as the best not only in Mexico but also in Latin America,” explained Carlos Gutiérrez, Production Manager of Solarever.

It should be noted that Mexico is geographically located within the so-called “solar belt” where radiation has the highest levels in the world and is the only country in Latin America with a significant manufacturing capacity of photovoltaic modules, so it is important to promote the creation of scientific and technological infrastructure specialized in renewable energy issues such as photovoltaics,” explained Carlos.Mexico is the main producer of energy in the Latin American region hence the importance of starting to promote research and development of new clean energy such as solar systems and devices.

Simon Zhao, Director of Solarever in Mexico, explained that the proposal of the National Laboratory for the Solar Industry also aims to strengthen and create in conjunction with participating universities stronger study programs so that students are better able to develop research projects in conjunction with Solarever facilities. Energía Limpia XXI highlights that in Mexico more and more universities such as UNAM and other higher education institutions are offering degrees focused on Energy and Renewable Energy, so it is important to begin to generate more practical data for students, have a livelihood with cutting-edge technology and generate new industrial applications, without forgetting that it is necessary to meet the needs of the market.

The trends in the country are very clear, the Federal Electricity Commission has 63.6 gigawatts of installed capacity, meanwhile, the earth receives 174 million gigawatts every day without interruption. “Our work is the maximum use of solar energy through photovoltaic systems, which begins to become a necessity for our daily lives, not forgetting that the cost of solar technologies decreases day by day, while the cost per watt of traditional generation (fossil fuel) increases,” said the Director of Solarever. It should be noted that currently photovoltaic power generation costs approximately 85.4 percent of combined cycle generation, 53.8% of natural gas and only 22.8% of fossil fuel generation. Thus, Mexico cannot afford to saturate its infrastructure with low quality modules, so an entity of verification, testing and standards is required immediately, concluded Mr. Simon Zhao.


Solarever is a 100% Mexican and world-class company, leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of solar panels ranging from residential projects to solar farms. Its facilities are located in Tepeji del Río, Hidalgo, and with its experience in the market and through research on renewable energy, as well as innovation and implementation of technological advances in its production, it has managed to position itself as the number one company at the national level thanks to its high quality products.


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