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MERIC participated in a congress on simulation and optimization of marine energy devices

The Marine Energy Research and Innovation Centre (MERIC) team was the only non-European to present its work at the EmrSim 2019 (Aquaculture World) conference.


At the beginning of July, part of the MERIC “Advanced Modelling for Marine Renewable Energy” project team, composed of Antoine Rousseau, Mireille Bossy, Cyril Mokrani and Marcos Di Iorio, participated in the EmrSim 2019 conference, held in Roscoff, France. The purpose of the meeting was to promote exchange between researchers, engineers and specialists working on the simulation and numerical optimization of devices for the extraction of renewable marine energy.


On his experience in Gaulish lands, the researcher Marcos Di Iorio comments “During the conference our group stood out not only for proposing a “Lagrangian” nature model and an innovative method to solve hydrodynamic turbulence, but also for being the only non-European congregation that participated in the meeting”.


Once at EmrSim 2019, both Professor Mireille Bossy and researcher Cyril Mokrani presented the development of the work carried out during the first stage of MERIC together with the French National Research Institute for Informatics and Automation (INRIA). This work consisted of adapting the numerical platform for simulating SDM (Stochastic Downscaling Method) wind turbine fields, developed by Professor Bossy and Antoine Rousseau, to be implemented in the modeling of tidal turbine fields.


“In this context, the correct operation of the program was demonstrated through results obtained in reference cases with simplified bathymetries and actuating disks (representing the turbines),” adds Marcos Di Iorio.


Likewise, the team presented a real scale simulation of space and time in a sector of the Chacao channel, where tidal energy extraction turbines could eventually be installed in Chile. This demonstration case represents not only the culmination of the first stage of the project “Advanced Modelling for Renewable Marine Energy”, but also a proposal to continue developing this initiative with so much potential.

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