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Mediterranean countries opt for green economy to promote their development

Participants in the Mediterranean Economic Leaders’ Week (MedaWeek) are committed to seizing the opportunity of the green economy to promote sustainable development, as the region has a great potential for hydroelectric, wind and solar energy.


The general coordinator of the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Mediterranean (Ascame), Anwar Zibaoui, stressed that the region could meet its energy needs and those of the rest of the world with solar energy that can generate the Mediterranean area.

Zibaoui stressed that until 2030 there are planned investments worth 190,000 million dollars in solar energy in the region.

He considers that there are stimuli for sustainable growth in the Mediterranean and that the participation of the private sector is essential to achieve this objective.

It has also committed itself to mobilising the necessary resources to achieve energy cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean due to the “energy dependence” that exists between Europe and the Mediterranean.

“Europe’s energy security depends on the Mediterranean and the economic development of the Mediterranean depends on Europe”, he added.

The Director General of the Mediterranean Energy Observatory (OME), Houda Allal, has said that it is necessary to move towards an energy transition based on three pillars: energy efficiency, renewable energies and diversification of the energy mix.

MedaWeek 2019, which closes on Friday, is organised by the Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ascame), the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the Union for the Mediterranean, the European Institute of the Mediterranean and the Zona Franca Consortium.

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