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Light consumption rises by 4.5% and exceeds 38,000 MW in full heat wave

The consumption of electricity has increased this Friday by 4.5% over the same day last week and 2.5% more than yesterday, and exceeds 38,000 megawatts (MW), as predicted for the end of the week, in full hour of heat, between 38,000 and 39,000 MW.


According to data from Red Eléctrica de España (REE), electricity demand reached its daily maximum this Friday at 13:47 hours (38,175 MW), although it is still lower than last summer’s maximum.

The consumption of this Friday has exceeded the peak demand marked yesterday, Thursday 27 June, at 13:49 hours, which was 37,236 MW.

Even so, the maximum demand recorded this Friday, 38,175 MW, is far from the maximum reached in this 2019, when at 20:08 hours on January 22 reached 40,455 MW.

Today’s electricity consumption is also below the peak recorded last summer, 39,966 MW at which it reached 13:45 hours on August 3, 2018, when the peak demand was 1,791 MW higher than this Friday.

This Friday, as yesterday, has again exceeded the peak reaching in June last year, when at 13.43 hours on June 27, 2018 the peak demand reached 37,045 MW, although then there were no warnings by heat wave.

The models have predicted that by the end of the week consumption could reach between 38,000 and 39,000 MW, a demand that, according to REE, is completely bearable and far from other peaks reached.

Electricity consumption on this day is lower than the historical maximum hourly demand reached in December 2007, which was 44,876 MW, and also below the historical record for consumption in the summer season, which was set in 2010 when it reached 41,000 MW.

The average price of electricity in the wholesale market falls tomorrow to 49.26 euros/megawatt hour (MWh), after two days rising, although weekends the lower demand pulls prices down.

This month of June, when electricity supply and demand coincide, prices have fallen by 2.96% compared to May and almost 20% compared to a year ago, reaching an average of 46.96 euros/MWh.

The decrease is due to the fall in the prices of gas, the fuel used by combined cycles of electricity generation.

The low matching offers of combined cycles have dragged the rest of technologies, especially renewables, which, as they can not store the energy they produce, have had to place it at a lower price, according to the energy consulting Group ASE.


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