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Lanzarote Targets Wave Energy

The island of Lanzarote is going to test a wave power system based on mWaveTM technology, from the Australian Bombora Wave, to generate power and reduce its current high dependence on diesel. The project is promoted by the Cabildo Insular, through the Consejería de Energía, and is led by the Indian company Enzen, owner of Bombora.


The system will be installed in the northern part of the island, where the wave resource is “consistent and permanent,” according to information provided by the Cabildo. To this end, a mWaveTM converter from Bombora Wave will be submerged, operating below the surface of the water and at a sufficient depth so that it does not affect marine traffic or any other nautical activity. The energy generated will be transferred to the island via an underwater cable.

According to Harish Gopa, CEO of Enzen Spain, the company promoting the project, the converter to be installed in this first phase will have 1.5 MW of power. “The wave system will be used to complement the existing electricity supply on the island, which is currently produced mostly by a diesel-powered power plant,” said Gopa.

Ángel Vázquez, Energy Councillor, explained that “this ambitious project to generate electricity is one of the main lines of action that we are carrying out in the Cabildo after the collaboration agreement signed a year ago with the company specialised in the energy sector Enzen”.

From the Cabildo explain that during this year of work has made progress in aspects relating to the application for grid connection, feasibility studies of the project and energy resource assessment, as well as environmental impact studies, among others. Work is also underway on the development of an offshore wind project that includes the installation of a floating offshore wind turbine.

“From the Island Council we continue working on the integration of renewable energies on the island, exploring all possible routes, which also allows us to generate greater knowledge and employment,” concludes the Energy Area advisor.

For Bombora Wave, the Lanzarote project represents another major step forward in the commercialisation of its technology. Its mWave technology has aroused great interest in Europe. In Wales, the company is in the process of installing a 1.5 MW demonstration system in the Marine Energy Test Area off the coast of Pembrokeshire, and in Portugal there is a proposal to deploy a series of wave power plants based on this system.

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