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Information technology and renewables, the best investments in the face of the climate emergency

Information technologies, such as cloud computing, and renewable energies are two “particularly interesting” sectors for investing in the face of a climate emergency, according to La Française.


Sectors with high greenhouse gas emissions, such as oil and gas, steel or cement, will be challenged by global warming, although the move to a low-carbon economy will affect all sectors.

In this sense, the manager differentiates the impact of climate change in terms of risks and investment opportunities. “Climate risks can seriously disrupt economic activity, but they also create opportunities for companies that offer or facilitate solutions to deal with the climate emergency,” said sustainable investment analyst Perrine Dutronc.

The manager sees climate risks as likely to develop in a “non-linear” way, i.e., sudden economic shocks, such as extreme weather events, rather than a constant transition, leading to “winners and losers in all sectors”.

However, Dutronc believes that sectors highly exposed to carbon emissions will have “more losers than winners”, while those who have already understood the need for transition and acted accordingly will be the “winners of the future”.




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