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How to save up to 28% on your electricity bill this summer: a clue, time discriminating

Summer has officially arrived and with it, the high temperatures. Swimming pools and beaches welcome the more fortunate, while the rest of us will have to resist the blow of ventilator and cold drinks. Logically, this extra consumption will have a direct impact on electricity bills. What can we do to keep our finances afloat in the hottest months of the year? What are the cheapest electricity rates in the summer? From the home economics comparator they tell us.


Updating the rate can result in savings of up to 20%.

One of the first steps we take to reduce our bills is to consume less. However, there are times of the year when it is unthinkable and very impractical. Therefore, in order not to reach this point, our first objective will be to check if we have the cheapest light rate of the moment.

In such a large and complex market, it is not easy to separate good offers from less interesting ones. To give you an idea, an average consumer with a power of 4.4 kW and a monthly consumption of about 290 kWh can pay almost 80 euros per month with a fixed-price electricity tariff. This is the worst case scenario.

If we want a fixed price for kWh throughout the day, thus avoiding being worried about when we turn on the air conditioning, we can lower our receipts up to 20% by betting on the cheapest offer of the moment. In this case, the One of Endesa, that would leave us the receipt in less than 65 euros/month.

Hourly discrimination, the trick to save 28%.

However, in a country such as ours where we enjoy so many hours of natural daylight, a rate with hourly discrimination is very attractive. In fact, if our main consumption is during the night, this modality will allow us to save effortlessly.

For example, assuming the same consumption as before, but making around 60% of the expenditure during the cheapest hours, the most expensive fare would cost us 69 euros per month. In other words, 14% less than with the most expensive fixed rate this month.

The margin for improvement is doubled if we opt for the cheapest modality, which in this case is offered by Aduriz with its Tariff 2.0DH. Specifically, with it we would pay 57 euros per month.

Fine-tuning, the basics of each year

Once we have the most convenient rate for our pocket, we only have to adapt our house to the summer. We will achieve this using common sense. For example, before using the air conditioning units it is important to clean the filters, thus avoiding that they require more energy for their proper functioning.

This same technique should be applied to other consumer appliances, such as the freezer. Defrosting it and cleaning it for a few hours will help us consume less light than if we let them create ice sheets.

Finally, taking advantage of the good weather to set aside the use of certain appliances, such as the dryer or dryer, will save us a pinch at the end of the month. Not to mention that at this time we will notice a big improvement if we get serious about ghost consumption. The consumer organizations point out that 9% of our bill comes from the devices that we leave on standby. In addition, they generate heat, so unplugging them will reduce our bills and lower the temperature of the rooms.

In short, if we want to save this summer, we must be responsible with our consumption and be attentive to the rate we have contracted. A good balance between these two points is essential to notice improvements in bills at the end of the month. And it is that it is of little use to reduce consumption if we pay a lot for the kWh and it will not help us to pay a little, but to leave everything working without respite.

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