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Holy Week brings the price of electricity cheaper so far this year thanks to the wind

Last Saturday, the wholesale electricity market in Spain marked the cheapest price so far this year. The average price was 31.75 euros MWh. And all thanks to wind energy.


At last the winds have returned to Spain after a winter much more sunny than normal. This Saturday, the wind production has covered 40% of the demand with 223 GWh of electricity generated, according to Wind Europe data.

Spain was not the country that more demand covered with wind that day, since Portugal reached 50%, but it was the one that produced the most, even ahead of Germany.

A large wind production plus low demand have caused the price to go below € 32 / MWh for the first time in 2019.

Regarding hourly prices, the pool marked € 20 / MWh at 4:00 pm, being the cheapest price of the day, while only six hours later the price rose to € 48 / MWh, more than double.

And it is that the wind and rain have been the protagonists of this Holy Week that has left low prices every day. Thus, on Good Friday the average price that was closed in the pool was € 37.31 / MWh while this Easter Sunday reached € 39.69 / MWh.

On Holy Thursday was the most expensive of all above € 55 / MWh as happens today in Easter Monday, festive in some Autonomous Communities.

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