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Galicia will add 500 MW of new wind capacity this year

A few days ago, the president of Norvento, Pablo Fernandez Castro , announced in an article published in La Voz de Galicia , that during 2019 will be installed in the region 500 megawatts (MW), which would mean an increase in installed capacity of 15 % that would take the accumulated wind power of Galicia to almost 4,000 MW , a very respectable capacity that places the community as the third in Spain by installed wind capacity, behind the two Castillas, with a share of 15% of the total installed in the national territory.


The exploitation of this new capacity, according to Fernandez Castro, will have a weight in the Galician economy of around 1% of GDP. In addition, the construction phase of the new parks, including promotion, engineering, equipment manufacturing and installation, entails around 7,500 jobs per year. A large part of them fall in Galicia, as proven by the dozens of engineers and technical specialists who make up the team of your company. In addition, the operation of the new projects of Norvento will be associated with the creation of 150 jobs that will continue during the 25 years of life that lie ahead.

There are also other economic benefits. The construction will leave in the set of the municipalities that welcome the new parks of the order of 12 million euros during this year in terms of municipal taxes and ICIO (tax on buildings, installations and works). The municipalities will also receive income from property and real estate taxes and economic activities, which will generate around 2 million euros per year over the next 25 years. In addition, the wind canon, collected by the Xunta de Galicia and invested in the municipalities affected by the projects, will be of the order of 12 million euros distributed throughout the life of the parks.

The president of Norvento points out that the projects of the Galician wind sector have associated industrial plans to which the companies have committed and that serve to establish quality employment in Galicia. Some of the examples of Galician industrial reality that Fernández Castro points out are the plants located in Galicia of Vestas, Gamesa, GRI, Navantia and other companies that have been growing and engineering, manufacturing technology and operation and maintenance abroad in recent years. time.

We are facing a framework of unbeatable opportunities for the Galician industry and for the entire citizenry, and we hope to continue contributing to the well-being of the society of which we are a part, since Galicia is a leader in the energy transition. We will need the commitment of public administrations and our fellow citizens so that Galicia continues to be at the forefront. Let’s feel proud of the journey and energized, in good part by the wind, to take advantage of our potential.

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