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Facebook brings solar energy to two other US states

Dominion Energy is building three solar projects and negotiating the acquisition of two more plants already completed in the states of Virginia and North Carolina in the US. If a recently completed project is added, the power company will supply a total of 350 MW of clean electricity to Facebook to support its operations in these two states.


The three plants under construction are Grasshoper Solar, 80 MW, in Mecklenburg, Virginia; Chestnut Solar, 75 MW, in Halifax County, North Carolina, and Gutenberg Solar, 80 MW, in Northampton County, North Carolina. The two completed are Gloucester Solar, 20 MW, in Gloucester, Virginia, and Pecan Solar, 75 MW, in Northampton County, North Carolina.

In addition to these five plants, the company will also dedicate its 20 MW Montross Solar plant, recently completed in Westmoreland County, Virginia, to also supply Facebook. These five facilities are in addition to the 142 MW Colonial Trail West project and the 98 MWac Spring Grove 1 plants, which Dominion is building to supply accredited renewable power to Facebook.

But while Facebook obtains renewable energy certificates (REC), Dominion is selling the energy of these two plants to its customers, who will be charged through a “tariff adjustment clause” that extends over 35 years. years. Not so with the six projects announced this week, which will sell power to Facebook under an agreement reached between the two companies at the end of 2017, which does not imply any impact for Dominion’s taxpayers.

Dominion acquired five of the six EDF Renewables, BayWa and Strata Solar projects. The company expects Grasshopper, Chestnut and Gutenberg to come online by mid-next year.

These are far from the first solar projects initiated with the goal of 100% renewable energy of Facebook. The social media giant obtained 1.1 GW of renewable energy only in the first half of 2018, and is causing solar energy projects to spring up in Alabama, Georgia, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah and potentially other states.

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