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Energy companies will contribute 203 million this year to the energy efficiency fund

The energy companies will contribute a total of 203 million euros in 2019 to the National Energy Efficiency Fund, most of which will go to Repsol, Endesa and Naturgy, the three companies that sell the largest volume of energy in Spain.


Specifically, Repsol, through all its subsidiaries, will contribute more than 39 million euros to the fund, while Endesa will contribute some 28.5 million euros and Naturgy more than 22.8 million euros, according to the order of the Ministry for Ecological Transition published this Tuesday in the Official State Gazette (BOE) establishing the obligations to contribute to the fund for next year.

In addition to these three companies, the contribution to the fund by Cepsa, with just over 22 million euros, Iberdrola, with about 15.5 million euros, BP, with about 12.8 million euros, and Galp, with 9 million euros.

The mandatory contribution to the fund, created in 2014, is established, in accordance with the methodology designed by the Government, in proportion to the volume of energy sales. In this case, the data for 2017 has been taken into account.

In the order, for the year 2019 is set an aggregate savings target of 262 kilotonnes of oil equivalent (ktoe) or 3,046.51 gigawatts (GWh).

Thus, the financial equivalence for 2019 is set at 0.789728 million euros per ktoe saved, or 67,916.58 euros per GWh saved.

In the case of the electricity sector, the energy sold to the final consumer is computed, while in the case of wholesale oil operators, the energy sold at the national level is computed for subsequent distribution at the retail level and to final consumers during that year.

To make the allocation, Transición Ecológica offers a breakdown of the energy sold by each company, as well as its percentage of total sales. Based on this criterion, the total cost of the efficiency fund is distributed among the different companies.

The companies in the energy sector obliged to make these contributions have been appealing to the Supreme Court, separately or through business associations, the amounts they have been obliged to contribute to the fund in recent years.

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