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El Corte Inglés joins companies seeking to consume only renewable energy

98.5% of the energy consumed by the Corte Inglés in 2018 was of renewable origin with guarantee of origin. That year, the company reduced its CO2 emissions by 70% compared to 2017, reduced electricity consumption by 4% and water by 7.2%. Its objective is to reach 100% renewable energy in the near future.



According to a report in a press release, savings in electricity consumption have come hand in hand with the technical improvements made and installations carried out. In this regard, the company highlights the updating of the air conditioning, lighting and lifting systems, which have resulted in annual savings of approximately 3,500 MWh.

It has also managed to reduce water consumption by 7.2%, thanks largely to the works carried out to make internal use of waste water. This has been carried out within the framework of the Sustainable Water Management Plan implemented by the company.

As a participant in the “Climate Protection” Programme of the United Nations Global Compact and the European Retail Trade Board, El Corte Inglés is committed to reducing carbon emissions from its products, services and processes, reducing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewable sources.

With this objective in mind, the El Corte Inglés Group has set up a Control Centre to minimise consumption through various levels of analysis, establishing comparisons and controlling evolution by time slots. Other aspects are also analysed that allow consumption to be broken down for each area, so that anomalies can be identified and operational improvements can be prescribed. The company also has photovoltaic solar installations for generating energy (Centro Castellana, Madrid), both for discharge into the grid and for self-consumption.


Circular economy

In the area of waste, the company has managed to recover a total of 56,850 MT of waste in 2018. In this sense, El Corte Inglés promotes the circular economy, prioritising the use of sustainable materials, encouraging responsible consumption and adequately managing the waste it produces, as endorsed by AENOR’s Zero Waste certification that the company recently obtained for its shopping centres and logistics platforms in Galicia.

The company is also progressively integrating the concept of sustainable construction. Thus, the headquarters of Grupo Informática El Corte Inglés has obtained the LEED Gold certificate, which accredits its environmental sustainability. Along these lines, the new Viajes El Corte Inglés building for corporate clients has been designed and decorated with respectful materials, as well as its new insurance headquarters, which has incorporated environmental criteria in its remodelling.

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