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External Industrial Exploitation Board

An External Industrial Exploitation Board (EIEB) will be created comprising experts from the areas of the electricity generation utilities (EDP RENOVÁVEIS and ENGIE LABORELEC) as potential final users of the technology, industrial company with expertise in series manufacturing of electrical machines for renewable energy applications (INDAR) as potential manufacturer for commercial deployment, and Energy Platform (APPA) to increase the impact of the results by increasing the scope of dissemination of the results of SEA-TITAN, acting as multiplying body.

The functions of the EIEB are:

To receive the results of SEA-TITAN project based on the solution proposed by the project.

To transfer to the consortium the upcoming technological trends and the electric market interests.

To increase the concept of the Project and provide desirable feedback from related projects and provide synergy.

Two meetings have been already planned between the EIEB and the SC in M15 and M33 (coinciding with two of the workshops). Although no financial reimbursement to the EIEB members is foreseen, neither legal bound contract with SEA-TITAN, full travel and accommodation costs during the meetings will be covered and included in WEDGE budget. The EIEB members will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before the first EIEB meeting in M15. Nevertheless, any project details provided to the EIEB will be diligently reviewed by the Innovation Manager to avoid any sensitive data distribution. Standard EC H2020 and Consortium Agreement rules will be applied for dissemination.

A list of the 4 selected members as well as a brief summary of their expertise in the field is presented as following. Their commitment to participate is agreed means of letters of support included in Part B section 4-5 as Annex.

Innovation Director of EDP RenovĂĄveis. He has 30-year working experience in the electrical sector, distribution grids, hydro, wind and solar generation, with management and projects responsibilities related to operational technology, business intelligence and asset operations.

has been working on renewable energy related challenges since more than 16 years, in academic and industry environment. She joined ENGIE Group (MĂ©tier Generation) in 2008, participating in many renewable and innovative technology projects. In 2010 Ana joined Laborelec, and since then she has been responsible for supporting the work on offshore related topics and for Ocean energy related activates of ENGIE’s Corporate Research and Technology division.

industrial engineer with more than 15 years of professional experience dedicated mostly to the energy sector, joined APPA in 2010 as Technical Director and for two years as General Manager. He is APPA’s representative on the CNMC’s Electricity Advisory Board, OMIE’s Market Agents Committee and various committees and working groups at REE.

Industrial engineer in the ETSIIT of Bilbao in 2001 and MBA in ESIC in 2015. I have been working in INDAR ELECTRIC since 2002. Since 2010, leading the research and developing department of the company. Involved in several projects of development of electrical machines, motors and generators, strongly related with renewable energy generation.

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