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It has been almost four months since the Covid-19 appeared around the whole world and, since then, most of the economic sectors seem to have been affected very negatively.

However, despite of the current moment that we are living during this crisis, the renewable energy sector seems to be the only viable way for our economy.

The sustainable infrastructures sector will be one of the least affected by the pandemic.  In this aspect, “if a sustainable project was viable before the crisis, it will continues to be viable in the long term after it”, said Alea Soft company.

In this way, IRENA (the International Renewable Energy Agency) predicts that nothing has changed and that in 2050, the 90% of the electricity will still come from renewable energies.

Very important organizations think that now is time more than ever to keep fighting against climate change and to continue with sustainable projects from competitive renewables, such as photovoltaic, hydraulic and wind power.

Organisations such as Green Peace, are sending a message about the importance of using this situation as an opportunity to reinvent our economy and to use our money to help the sustainable companies that allow us to leave in a better and cleaner world.

In SEA TITAN we also think that this situation is a great opportunity to make things better and to start from a more sustainable point for all of us.

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