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Climate Strike mobilizes tens of thousands of people in Spain’s major cities

On Friday, September 27, the week of action for the climate, which has been curdled in Spain of mobilizations and demonstrations, ended. More than a hundred municipalities throughout Spain have participated in a mobilization that has had a global character (there have been acts in major cities around the world) and that here, in Spain, has been explained as well -informa Ecologistas en Acción- in the form of a general labor strike (Aragon, Canary Islands, Euskadi and Navarra), student strike (throughout the state), educational strike (in Andalusia) and consumer strike. At the bottom of the page, we review the entire Climate Action Week.


“Society is listening to science and is aware of the gravity of the situation; in these circumstances the political class must take the lead, redouble efforts and set binding limits and targets to face the climate crisis. It is the analysis of Ecologistas en Acción, which has issued a communiqué assessing the mobilizations in Spain in which it congratulates the “multitudinous demonstrations that have traveled throughout the territory during this September 27, following the summit for climate action held earlier this week in New York” (world summit attended by high-level national delegations from most countries of the world). In this regard, the denial denounces that “the international community has not presented any concrete measure in this regard, so that the gap between commitments to emission reductions and scientific indications to comply with the Paris Agreement, a gap that condemns the planet to global warming above 3.5 º C with catastrophic consequences, especially in the Mediterranean regions.

In the case of the Spanish state -continues Ecologistas- the climate commitment “is still not enough; assuming the state of emergency implies redirecting all the tools of the state to achieve reductions in greenhouse gases in line with the scenarios put forward by the scientific community”, something that is not happening, according to this confederation in which more than 300 environmental groups are united throughout the national territory. There are barely 11 years left to act,” concludes Ecologistas, “and the commitments presented in 2020 will not be reviewed until 2025, when it may be too late.

The organizations convening the World Climate Strike, including Ecologistas en Acción, announce that in the coming months, efforts will be redoubled to articulate a common response at all levels to address the protection of the planet, the present and the future. Among these actions is the collection of signatures to promote a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), Climate Emergency Actions, with the aim of encouraging both the European Union and all its member countries to set more ambitious objectives regarding the climate crisis. This initiative has been promoted by Fridays For Future Europe in collaboration with Lawyers For Future in order to be debated in the European institutions.

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