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China strengthens its commitment to renewable energies

China today reinforces its commitment to the use of clean sources and the Standing Committee of the National People’s Assembly (APN) announced a mission to inspect the implementation of the Renewable Energy Law.


According to China’s highest legislative body, several teams will be sent to six provincial-level regions to examine compliance with the legislation until October.

The investigations will also assess the efforts of each government or institution to promote the use of non-polluting and environmentally friendly resources, according to a statement.

In addition, they will verify the advances in the processes of investigation in renewable energies – if they have them – and the plan of development of those sources.

The inspectors will also dialogue with local experts and can ask for suggestions to revise the current law, said Shen Yueyue, vice president of the APN Standing Committee.

Shen stressed the importance of fully enforcing the laws and the need to develop and use renewable energy to help in the battle against pollution.

According to the official, in order to achieve the Chinese government’s goal of reducing the use of fossil fuels as soon as possible, it is necessary to promote energy restructuring, develop renewable energy resources and encourage environmentally friendly development.


China is among the nations in the world that invest the most in renewable sources, and in 2018, the Asian giant managed to supply 38 percent of electricity generation with clean energy.

In order to limit its dependence on coal, the country’s authorities will invest around 360 billion dollars in this sector until 2020.

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