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A CEN-CENELEC workshop will be held the 10th of August 2020. Due to COVID-19, the kick-off  meeting will be held virtually via WebEx, starting the opening meeting at 10:30 am.


The CEN-CENELEC are two distinct private international non-profit organizations based in Brussels. It is formed by The European Committee for Standardization and The European Committee for Electro technical Standardization. They are focussed on producing high quality standards for products that incorporate quality, safety, environmental… and support European competitiveness, the protection of the environment and sustainable for the well-being citizens.

In order to reach their so-called “Ambitions 2020“, CEN and CENELEC have the objective to get a strengthened cross-sector cooperation through a shared vision. This is the reason why we are using this workshop, as a first step for a project that consists in the technological convergence in the sector. Future technical norms and standards will be developed, obtaining a document of good practices from the workshop.


In order to get more information, please contact Iván Moya ( All interested parties are invited to submit comments on the Commenting form to the Workshop Secretariat by the 8th of July of 2020. You can also have the access to the Agenda of the kick-off meeting and the Draft Project Plan.

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