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Castilla y Le贸n promotes a European project for the development of renewable energies

The APPROVE project aims to support the development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) through the promotion, awareness and development of new renewable programmes in the European regions participating in the project.


Castilla y Le贸n is the first Spanish Community in renewable energy production with 22 % of the national total.

The Regional Government will launch the Renewable Thermal Strategy 2020-2030 which will promote the development of clean energies, betting on the development of biomass as a renewable fuel.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance, through the Regional Public Energy Body of Castilla y Le贸n (EREN), promotes the European project APPROVE ‘Advancing Public Participation and stakeholder engagement for the improvement of renewable Energy policies’. The objective of this European project is to promote the promotion and participation of public and private agents in the development of renewable energies, especially by promoting bioenergy in Castilla y Le贸n.

Project supported by the EU

The European project APPROVE, is co-financed by the INTERREG EUROPE programme, to promote interregional cooperation integrating all the Member States of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland, within the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation objective financed jointly with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The INTERREG EUROPE programme focuses on four areas: research, technological development and innovation; competitiveness of SMEs; low-carbon economy; and finally environment and resource efficiency.

Specifically, the partners of Castilla y Le贸n in this project are the regional entities of Lapland in Finland, Epirus in Greece, and Normandy in France, as well as an advisory partner: the Italian research centre Poliedra, located in Milan.

The actions of the APPROVE project are included in the European Directive on renewable energies. The development of this programme is carried out in work meetings, promotion, technical visits and sessions for the exchange of good practices that will serve for the realisation of an action plan to overcome the barriers to renewable energies in the four participating European regions.

Castilla y Le贸n, national leader in renewables, with 22 % of production

Castilla y Le贸n is the first Spanish Autonomous Community in renewable energy production with 22 % of the national total. The Ministry of Economy and Finance will launch the Renewable Thermal Strategy 2020-2030 that will promote the development of clean energy, betting especially on the development of energy production from biomass as a renewable fuel.

The biomass sector in the Community represents an energy consumption of more than 282,000 tonnes of oil equivalent, has almost 45,000 installed boilers, a turnover of close to 325 million euros, and employment generation of more than 2,150 workers.

This leadership of the Community in renewable energy production has been possible thanks to the development of clean energies that have been coordinated through the 2011-2020 Bioenergy Plan, which has established the bases for the promotion of the different uses of bioenergy: electrical, thermal and transport in the last 8 years.

The Regional Government of Castilla y Le贸n aims to increase the installed power in renewables in this legislature: by 2,000 MW in wind power (from 5,600 to 7,600MW) and multiply photovoltaic power by five (from 500 to 2,500MW), and projects such as APPROVE can guide us in line with European policies.

Representatives of other European regions in Castilla y Le贸n

The European partners of the APPROVE programme, as well as agents from the sector in their respective regions have recently visited Castile and Leon on the occasion of the last edition of Expobiomasa, in order to carry out a working day to exchange successful experiences and subsequently analyse how they can be transferred between the different regions.

In addition, representatives from Lapland, Epirus, Normandy and Milan have known first hand the project of the new biomass electricity production plant in Cubillos del Sil (Le贸n) and have made technical visits to the main projects promoted in the field of bioenergy in the Community as the trigeneration thermal power station and the network of the Villalonquejar industrial estate, the ‘toploader’ silo with the biomass heat network of the Fuentes Blancas Welfare Complex, and the WESP biomass boiler and chimney in Kronospan-Casta帽ares, all of them in Burgos; as well as the biomass heat network of the University of Valladolid, the Renault and the urban in the neighborhood of Huerta del Rey in Valladolid. All of them are successful examples of biomass projects in Castilla y Le贸n, which could serve as a reference for other regions.

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