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Castilla y Le贸n in the TOP 3 of Spanish communities leading the transition to renewables

Castilla y Le贸n is at the forefront of the new clearing of photovoltaic energy, with microprojects in the pipeline totalling 20,238 megawatts of power, within the framework of the revolution registered in the electricity sector that originated after the decree regulating this activity came into force last October.


In addition, it has others with 6,354 MW of wind (by the way, it is the autonomous community with the most pending projects of this type) or 315 MW corresponding to other renewable technologies.

In fact, the power of the many small photovoltaic projects for which the Castilian people of Leon have applications being processed to connect to the networks would be equivalent to that needed to supply just over 8,000 medium-consumption homes, that is, a population of more than 25,000 inhabitants.

Moreover, Castilla y Le贸n is in the leading group of the autonomous communities that lead this take-off of photovoltaics, being the second region in this ranking, only behind Andalusia and despite its lower rate of hours of sunshine per year, far surpassing in this list Castilla La Mancha, Aragon, Extremadura, Valencia, Madrid and Murcia.

Castilla y Le贸n has projects in the pipeline to incorporate electricity into the transmission and distribution networks, which total 26,907 MW, of which 20,238 correspond to photovoltaic installations (75.2% of the total).

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