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Cádiz will host the II State Meeting of Women and Energy

The city of Cadiz will hold the second state meeting of women dedicated to energy transition and gender on the weekend of 22 to 24 November. This initiative, supported by the City Council, will bring together women professionals from the renewable energy sector, energy efficiency and sustainable construction, as well as environmental activists against the climate emergency.


As in its first edition, this meeting will last from Friday to Sunday and will have a part of events open to the general public (women and men), which will take place workshops, debates, music and poetry, and a second part, aimed exclusively at women in the energy sector, as reported by the Consistory in a statement.

“Machismo, which unfortunately also reigns in the energy sector, in addition to being unfair, is hampering an absolutely urgent and necessary energy transition. With this meeting we want to open our city to women who are struggling to transform the energy that moves our society,” said the mayor of Cadiz, Jose Maria Gonzalez.

The first edition of the meeting took place in Bilbao, from 6 to 8 February 2018. It brought together more than 150 women and marked the birth of the Network of Women for an Ecofeminist Energy Transition, which has promoted initiatives such as the manifesto ‘In Energy, Not Without Women’, supported by more than 50 organizations in the sector and 300 people, in which the signatories undertake not to participate in events that do not include women experts.

“We want to provide a loudspeaker to their demands, to value their contributions and listen to their proposals so that all of us can contribute to the changes they defend,” said the first mayor.

It should be remembered that the City of Cadiz will debut in this legislature the Energy Transition Delegation, led directly by the mayor of Cadiz.

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