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Cádiz launches El Bergantín, a support programme for blue economy entrepreneurs

The University of Cadiz (UCA) launches El Bergantín, a project designed “to accelerate and mentor entrepreneurs related to the sea”. The initiative, supported by the UCA Chair of Entrepreneurs, the Hi-L-Plug Research Group UCA SEJ-597 and the UCA Chair Andalucía Emprende, will help 42 entrepreneurs to develop their projects related to the blue economy and the marine maritime world.



The Bergantín is an accelerator of blue economy projects that, through a training process, will validate the ideas of entrepreneurs, analyzing (1) their viability, (2) the keys to initiate their projects and (3) the tools that will help them make the leap towards entrepreneurship. The ultimate goal of this accelerator is to “help create businesses”. According to the University of Cadiz (UCA), “in 2017 the European Commission estimated at 5.4 million jobs related to this economy, with an added value of almost 500,000 million a year. But the importance of the seas is even greater – as a source of wealth and biodiversity – in certain territories, such as Spain, “where 80% of tourists who visit us -remember from the UCA- choose the coast as a destination. Furthermore, Spain is the second country in the European Union in the use of the seas, only behind the United Kingdom, “with a maritime exploitation valued at 25,000 million euros, being leaders in jobs with 700,000.

The Bergantín

“Undertaking in these environments and doing so in a sustainable way is the objective of the El Bergantín initiative. In a first stage,” reports the UCA, “the challenges faced by an entrepreneur in the blue economy will be resolved, “following the lean startup methodology and combining them with others such as the Canvas Business model and the Business plan. The projects promoted should be developed in the Atlantic and Mediterranean basin of the Andalusian and Melilla coastline. The project will prioritise those that are carried out in the Natura 2000 Network space.

Parallel to the training, a mentorship will be developed by the company Business in Fact, where each case will be analyzed, through an itinerary with specialized mentors, who will share their experience and knowledge so that the projects can be carried out successfully.

Furthermore,” they add from the UCA, “it is always important to surround oneself with an entrepreneurial ecosystem and this work will be facilitated by providing all the necessary means for future entrepreneurs to be connected with the public administration, universities, chamber of commerce, business confederations, etc.”.

These free training courses are co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF), to get training and quality employment, and promoted by the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for Ecological Transition through the Programa Empleaverde.

UCA encourages

To be able to enter the acceleration and mentoring program you only have to bring us an idea of a project that is directly or indirectly related to the sea, being able to be of any sector: tourist, cultural, environmental, social, culinary, sports and a long etc.

A group of experts and mentors will make your idea or project travel to a good port, circumventing the tides and waves that involves undertaking. We will accompany you to validate your entrepreneurial proposal, giving you tools and skills to achieve success. The program is totally personalized, adapting to your needs and times. It can be online or face-to-face depending on your geographical area.

“To enroll in this adventure you only have to get on this boat, registering in El Bergantín in this link.

We have designed a program with different phases and a contrasted methodology that will help you validate your business idea and get it up and running in no time. We have extensive experience accompanying entrepreneurs to achieve the success of their projects.

The programme offers training, but also the development of business skills, putting into practice what has been learnt. It will be very personalized to your needs and to the objectives of your idea/business.

At the end of the program you will be awarded a Diploma of Entrepreneurial Competences signed by the director of the program.

I find it difficult to find enough money to make the project viable.

During the program El Bergantín we will give you the keys so that your idea becomes an economically viable proposal. In addition, in order to obtain financing, you will get contacts with credit institutions, investment funds, etc. We will not give you money for your project, but we will tell you where to look for it.

Over the years,” reports UCA, “the Cátedra de Emprendimiento of the University of Cadiz has supported 1,000 recipients interested in entrepreneurship, participating in the creation of 140 companies. The programme takes its name from a sailing ship, the warship originally called brigantine, which originally appeared in the 13th century in the Mediterranean Sea, and was a warship powered by Latin sails and rowing. Due to its speed and manoeuvrability, it was one of the favorite ships of the Mediterranean pirates, and to that it owes its name, derived from brigante (bandit).


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